Air quality – improving on what comes naturally.

California citrus crops have a head start on improving air quality. Citrus groves naturally absorb ozone produced all around them. And because the trees grow year round, they are a global net benefit to the environment. To bolster the effect, the citrus industry has invested research money, changing both technology and production practices.

Smarter crop production practices.

Our citrus growers continue their proactive approach to reducing emissions from vehicles and machinery used in crop production and processing. In the area of fuel, this includes introducing upgraded, more efficient transport and maintenance vehicles. And it goes beyond vehicles to the efficient diesel pumps for deep water wells, propane powered wind machines in the orchards and more and more electric forklifts in the packinghouses.

Improving crop protection also helps the environment.

Crop protection has improved greatly in recent years, with growers using more water based products which lose less to the air. It’s better for people who work in the groves, as well as wildlife and the general public. Along with low-VOC products, we all benefit from more precise application methods. This results in less product drifting in the wind. In some cases, drift has been totally eliminated.


Citrus invests in air quality, reducing pollution by 80%.