Improving crop protection improves our world.

California citrus growers are unique. They take a proactive approach to crop protection which has resulted in a decrease in the use of pesticides by 66% since 1998. Largely, this is the result of an approach called Integrated Pest Management (IPM). An IPM program includes targeting pests by preserving or releasing their natural enemies into citrus groves. An IPM program may also include precise product management to track pest control right from the first application and sending ongoing reports to the state government for approval.

Improving pest control products.

Growers use far fewer harsh chemicals than in the past. More selective technology allows for better targeting of problems, resulting in the high quality fruit California is known for.

Better product formulations also minimize the risks to natural ecosystems by greatly reducing spray drift and the need for multiple sprayings: in some cases, crops require treatment only once every three years. This minimizes the risks to our ecosystems.

Citrus Orchard

Citrus Strong has helped reduce pesticide use by 66% since 1998.