Safe, delicious citrus starts with a healthy environment.

There are two reasons the California citrus industry sets a standard that is unequalled for efficient, responsible fruit production. First, growers are highly invested in their businesses, living where they work and eating what they produce. That means working ahead of government policy-making to improve the use of natural resources. And second, a constant flow of industry-funded research improves both production methods and the fruit itself.

Water is for everyone.

California citrus growers pioneered responsible, effective irrigation. Today, they are global leaders in the use of irrigation technology such as fan jets and micro-irrigation. In addition, growers pay for the water they use which helps maintain existing state water transfer systems and finance new water infrastructure.

Room to grow responsibly.

Our industry knows that Citrus Strong is in part about preserving land quality, in order to stay highly productive. Part of that is grove structure: narrower tree spacing, more trees and smaller trees result in higher density groves and higher production on fewer acres. Caring for those trees involves a precise use of fertilizer that reduces run off and leaching. More precise crop protection reduces and sometimes eliminates spray drift to surrounding communities and environment.

Yosemite National Park

California citrus is efficient: 3 acre-feet of water produces over 50,000 oranges, 160,000 mandarins or 100,000 lemons.