Citrus Strong in health and safety.

California is a world power in citrus, producing fruit of superior quality and safety. It’s been a point of pride for our family farmers for over 125 years.

Because citrus is grown on a tree and has a protective outer rind it is an inherently low risk commodity for food borne illness. From the first picking until today, there has never been a food safety issue with oranges. Additionally, packing house procedures ensure that the fruit is washed and free of any bacteria before it is shipped. It’s all part of the industry’s Good Agricultural Practices guidelines for picking, processing and shipping.

Healthier crops, healthier you.

Growing great citrus is a process that requires knowledge and persistence. Orange groves are ready for commercial production after 3-4 years. They reach full production by their tenth or eleventh year.

Through all that time, trees and fruit need protection from weeds, insects, diseases and nematodes. Products to control the problems are thoroughly regulated and custom application can often only be made under the direction of a certified Pest Control Advisor. Pesticides are often highly specific and effective only for short term use.

Harvested fruit goes to a packinghouse, where it is washed and sorted.

Citrus Strong in food value.

Part of being Citrus Strong is setting a global standard for citrus quality that consumers know and trust. It’s a winning combination of great taste and healthy nutrition that makes California citrus unique.

California oranges are zero fat, zero cholesterol, zero sodium and provide 160% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C. They are also a good source of vitamin A, calcium and potassium. This package of preventive care is essential to promoting and maintaining a strong, healthy immune system and strong muscles, bones and teeth.

Proven to support good health.

Ongoing research clearly shows that making citrus fruit part of your lifelong eating habits is good for you in many ways:

  • Eating eight to ten servings of fruits and vegetables a day has been shown to lower blood pressure readings.
  • Eating citrus is also correlated with a decreased risk of several cancers, including stomach and prostate.
  • Studies show that eating citrus fruit can help reduce the risk of cerebrovascular diseases, like stroke.
  • Studies also show that eating citrus can help prevent fat accumulation and weight gain.

Have a closer look at the studies for yourself. You’ll understand how making citrus a regular part of your diet really will help make you Citrus Strong.