After more than a century, we’re still Citrus Strong.

California citrus trees are a symbol of everything that’s good about West Coast life: sunshine, opportunity and heath. For over a century, California citrus growers have been leaders in sustainable farming practices and the use of new agricultural and environmental technology. Today, multi-generational family farmers continue a commitment to sustaining our land, air and water, keeping the industry Citrus Strong for future generations.

Sustainable means profitable.

Citrus continues to be a diverse and powerful pillar of California’s economy — a renewable resource that generates over $2 billion dollars a year in sales and $1.5 billion in other economic activity for the state. Without California citrus, communities would suffer and state revenue would disappear.

Understanding the future means understanding the facts.

Our growers take great pride in producing some of the world’s best produce, and consumers, the state of California and the nation share in the benefits.

Get the facts.

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California citrus generates $2 billion a year.